SAGE believes that its success comes out of tailor-made solutions and customized approach, which are based on high-quality analysis, advanced technologies and unique expertise in all operated areas.


Professional Integrity

Professional performance is a cornerstone of our operations. We offer best professionals in each area of expertise to ensure the superior quality of service. We maintain absolute transparency with all of our customers. SAGE always provides details of process and explains its steps, and all actions are coordinated with customers.

Resourceful Efficiency

We work swiftly and efficiently to ensure timely product delivery in the format most appropriate for the client.

We are committed to deliver “non-standard ” solutions. We believe that any goal can be reached via “out-of- the-box” thinking and an open-minded capability to consider alternatives.


We are confidants of our customers, and strongly believe that only trust and cooperation can built a discreet relation resulting in successful performance.

Extensive Data Access

We have a unique experience of accessing and analyzing information from large range of sources, including few dozens of limited-access financial, commercial, regulatory, legal and technical databases, gaining legal access to new resources in accordance with customer demands. We use social networks as well as direct contacts in media, political, military and economic circles to gain the cutting-edge knowledge of events and processes to help you to keep and advance your competitiveness.

Languages and Cross-Cultural Experience

Our team speaks perfect English, French, Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Kazakh, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Georgian languages and we involve more than 20 native speakers of other languages, and our understanding of Muslim, former USSR, Caucasian, Asian and European cultures gives us a unique opportunity to operate efficiently. We already have a successful record of projects for Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, UAE and Kazakhstan.

Business Ethics

We always act lawfully in each jurisdiction, in which we operate. We do not undertake any projects involving violent crime of any kind, including any sort of harassment. We never use “suspicious options” to obtain information. We avoid conflicts of interest, always take a responsibility for our actions and never disclose any customer information to third parties.