Sometimes people don’t wish to manage their own business because:

  • have other things to do;
  • want have more free time for leisure and family;
  • not interested in day-to-day management and prefer strategic control;
  • inherited the business and don’t know what to do with it;
  • business is dying and needs new approaches and ideas to re-boost

There might be dozens of other reasons, why people would be interested in handing over management of their business to professionals.

SAGE is here to help and once we start to manage your company, restaurant, café, hotel or other enterprise, we guarantee the results. Otherwise, we refuse to take over from very beginning.

We will not be handling two businesses in direct competition. In other words, we will not be operating two 3 star hotels at the same location, price and quality segment to avoid conflict of interest.

Our services will include turnkey solution of budgeting, regulatory compliance, routine management, human resources, finance management, marketing, supplier management and everything else that might be required for success of business.

There are various forms of implementation of such projects, and we are prepared to discuss to provide the needed flexibility to turn one’s business into success story.