Whether you want to invest into new business or product, set an office, start a joint-venture or buy a franchise, we can offer a detailed feasibility study or prepare a business plan for your consideration of whether the business idea is still interesting as well as to get you a professional document to seek for loan or third party investment.

Despite the fact it is a common consultancy service, only few companies will go through in-depth study of the market, risks, contributing factors, competition, legal environment, costs, taxes and another 10-12 parameters to give you a sound tool for judgement or application for outsourced finance.

SAGE’s economists have significant experience of working on large-scale investment projects at variety of markets and would certainly be in position to help you with getting clear picture of your next step in business development.

It comes from experience, in-depth analysis tools and procedures used by SAGE as well as clear vision of your needs and expectations, which we understand via detailed interview held with all clients before starting the process.