In general, franchising is a safer investment option than start-up, as it offers know-how and written business processes and has a proven record of success stories. But not always. And there are reasons for it, like:

  • not all franchises are universal and applicable to all markets;
  • not every franchise holder (franchisor) is capable to support the franchise buyer (franchisee) to required extend;
  • not all franchises are adopting to changing business environments;
  • not always franchisees capable to provide suitable sale points, required volume of investment and personnel to set a business at new location;
  • it is not always easy to plan and forecast the expenses and profits, as well as duration of non-profit period.

Here comes SAGE with its expertise and tools to evaluate the right business partner, budget, location and set the initial operations if necessary.

With our franchise advisory, you minimise your risks and turn into successful franchisee.

On the other hand, if you wish to turn your business into franchise and go to international markets, we are here to help to develop your franchising package and market your business to potential investors around the globe.  Methods we use will provide an excellent opportunity to scale your business quickly and choose right franchisees, which will boost your sales.