The objective of ISO 14001 is to support environmental protection and prevent pollution while maintaining balance with the organisation’s interests. It is not only care for our mother nature, but also reputation of your company/product as “environmentally friendly” and its perception as “green” by your customers.

SAGE helps to assist in implementation of basic requirements of ISO 14001 that can be presented in the following way:

  • context of the organisation;
  • environmental policy (including an obligation of the organisation prevent the negative impact on the environment);
  • actions to address risks and opportunities;
  • environmental aspects;
  • environmental objectives and planning to achieve them;
  • compliance obligations;
  • implementing and operation;
  • competence and training of personnel and contractors;
  • emergency preparedness and response;
  • performance evaluation;
  • management review;
  • improvement

Benefits of implementing an environmental management system depends on whether organisation affects environment directly or indirectly. Usually the following benefits can be listed:

  • comprehensive approach to environmental risk management, including reputation and financial risks in case of non-compliance with the standard requirements;
  • decrease of the bureaucratic red tape, noticeable resource savings that are made because of the most effective management strategy;
  • minimisation of payments for the negative impact on the environment, and financial costs for mitigation of consequences of possible accidents with environmental impact;
  • resource saving and increasing the competitiveness of the organisation;
  • opportunity to obtain credit on better terms for the implementation of the best available technologies and grants from international organisations;
  • more effective and efficient audits, both internal and external;
  • additional benefits when participating in tenders’ procedures;
  • increasing the value of the company and its image in the minds of stakeholders.

SAGE has an expert team with significant experience of environmental management projects and actual “life” projects related with Environment, including preparation of Environmental Baseline Studies, Environmental Impact Assessment, Damage Mitigation/Minimisation Actions Plans.