SAGE has a team of experienced professionals (minimum experience of 10 years) to help you develop  and implement ISO-45001 based Health and Safety System and to prepare your business for official certification with ultimate goal to obtain the following benefits:

  • improving working conditions, preventing and reducing industrial injuries and occupational diseases;
  • increasing employees’ loyalty, improving the psychological climate;
  • reducing downtime and associated costs;
  • decreasing direct and indirect business costs;
  • ensuring compliance with legal requirements in the field of occupational health, industrial and fire safety;
  • improving interaction with regulatory authorities;
  • demonstration to customers and investors of management commitment to the requirements in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • additional opportunities for obtaining national and international grants and participation in specialised programs;
  • enhancing employees’ engagement in the occupational health and safety management;
  • reducing the probability of incidents, emergencies, accidents and occupational diseases;
  • decreasing non-manufacturing costs, including fines for violation of legislation in the field of occupational health, industrial and fire safety and insurance payments;
  • reducing time losses, increasing labour productivity by creating favourable and safe working environment;
  • enhancing the credibility of top management decisions, reducing staff turnover;
  • improving corporate and industrial culture of the organisation; enhancing the image of the organisation in the minds of stakeholders.

With nearly 20 projects implemented in this area, we can guarantee that you will have these benefits.