ISO 9001 standard is a business start point for SAGE. For the long period, development, implementation and fine-tuning of Quality Management System for local and international entities was our core business. To date, nearly 50 projects completed for various industries including agriculture, storage facilities, mining, energy, food processing and others.

In developing a Quality Management System, we stand with you until the complete implementation of the system, to assure that it fully suits your needs.

Our services include the development of:

  • Quality Policy & Quality Manual;
  • Quality Procedures (6 mandatory procedures + all documented procedures required for your business)
  • forms and templates of records
  • implementation and training of personnel (including hands-on training on internal audits, records control, document control etc.)

Once we have your system in place, there will be following advantages generated for your business:

  • increasing customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements;
  • improving the efficiency of internal processes in the organisation;
  • continual improvement of the organisation’s processes by identifying and eliminating losses;
  • improvement of internal communications, planning and distribution of material resources;
  • increasing staff motivation due to transparency and clearly defined functional responsibilities;
  • extending knowledge of personnel in the field of quality;
  • cost saving by increasing productivity, improving the quality of products, services and reducing amount of defects;
  • continual improvement of the organisation performance through the implementation of modern quality management tools;
  • improving the competitiveness of the organisation on the local and international markets.