OIMS plays a critical role in establishing a company’s functional guidelines for internal training and communication processes, as well for equipment and facilities maintenance procedures and for determining how strict adherence to operating and administrative plans can be achieved.

HSSE and OIM systems also enable a company to set up its monitoring and reporting structures as well as how it manages changing conditions, how it defines the manner in which it assesses the levels of severity of incidents and hazards and how it responds to these incidents (for example through a 3-tiered severity level assessment process).

Companies that operate without these guidelines or that do not or cannot monitor their strict implementation can potentially face devastating consequences. Without proper lines of reporting and clear, accessible procedures, any low-severity incident can quickly destroy a company’s production and financial success, reputation, assets and above all, people’s lives.

OIMS, usually consisting of several procedural elements, are the core documents through which the methodologies to manage the integrity of operations are developed and detailed. We recommend the development of OIMS that is unique and applicable to any company or activity.