In ever changing business environment and heightened competition, most of companies need efficient project management team to help moving ahead and satisfy growing customer demands.

SAGE offers a universal instrument of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet project requirements.

Our project management approach is simple and still, sophisticated:

Project management processes fall into five groups: Initiating- Planning- Executing-Monitoring and Controlling- Closing

Project management knowledge draws on ten areas: Integration-Scope-Time-Cost-Quality-Procurement-Human resources-Communications-Risk management- Stakeholder management

Above are the standard. Meanwhile, our project management brings a unique focus shaped by the goals, resources and schedule of each project. The value of that focus proven by the rapid growth of demand for our project management service.

To date, SAGE has successfully completed 54 projects and currently runs 8 projects in operation at various stages for construction, engineering, steel fabrication, logistics, oilfield industries.